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Ancient Cthulhu Cuneiform Text: TTF Font File (For making RPG prop Handouts)

The ancient text appears on a number of curious tablets, discovered by Stapleton McTavish the famous explorer and collector of ancient occult artifacts, each one depicting disturbing carvings. They are believed to have been the inspiration for the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred's monstrous Necronomicon.

Create your own blasphemous RPG handouts with this custom made TTF font file. Use in Word, Excel, or use Photoshop or GIMP etc.... to create that carved horrors look (tutorial included).

Available at DriveThruRPG

Ancient Cuneiform Text: TTF Font File
Ancient Cthulhu Cuneiform Tablet II - Nyarlathotep
Ancient Cthulhu Cuneiform Tablet III - Cthulhu

Alternatively you can check out the ready made ones at DriveThruRPG.

Ancient Cthulhu Cuneiform Tablet I - Dark Young of Shub Niggurath

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