Enter! If You Dare... (Under Construction)

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In the recently discovered vaults under the ancestral home of Stapleton McTavish, one of the most prolific explorers and collectors of the occult of his time, strange and disturbing artifacts have been uncovered.

They will be shared with the world, and although overshadowed with certain unexplained events that shroud his later life in mystery, they may just shed some light on McTavish's disappearance.

An avid cartographer, he drew and collected a vast number of maps and blueprints, some old, some recent, some fantastical and some (mostly by his own hand) futuristic and prophetic in nature.

The sources of his inspiration is unknown but some speculate that they more than just fictional futuristic work, and that McTavish has in fact either been in contact with something or someone from the distant future, or that he has been there himself.

Although there is absolutely no evidence to support these theories, some believe it could be one explanation for his disappearance.

Details of his life and his secrets are being uncovered slowly, but what we do know is recorded here.



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